April 2021 in Year 1/2

In PSHE, we have been discussing relationships in our families and understanding the importance of sharing and cooperating. We have written our thoughts down on a ‘Happy home cake’.

During English, we have been sorting and describing different types of fantasy stories, to identify what we have found in each one.  Later, we planned and wrote our own fantasy story, using our imagination.

We have our phonics every day and here we are, revisiting and securing our ‘ph’ sound and writing examples of words with this sound, before thinking about sentences using them.

We have been working on the math’s language and different strategies for calculating problems in addition and subtraction.  We have found the number line particularly useful for finding the difference, either counting on or back.

With practising our multiplication, we have used many practical ways to find groups of 2, 5 and 10 for our timetables, including counters, Dienes, singing, quick recall flashcards and Timetables Rockstars.

Our science topic is our five senses and our amazing body.  We have already done some investigating of senses, identified and labelled import body parts and will be looking at our baby photos to see how we have changed and developed since then.

In geography, we are finding out so much about the Amazon rainforest, such as the names of the different layers and the type of animals who live there and why.

During music, we are listening and responding to music from different countries in our world.  So far we have heard salsa from Brazil, reggae from the Caribbean, Kenyan rhythms and Japanese Sakura music.   We have even composed and performed some of our own short pieces, inspired by this music, most recently on the glockenspiel.

Now that we can welcome visitors to teach PE outside again, we have enjoyed our first session with Mr Palmer.  We have been doing warm up games and been practising our running, hurdles, throwing and team work, during circuit, athletic, rotation activities.

It has been an important year for our country with this year’s ten year census so our class learnt about why we do this and produced posters about it.