April 2021 in Year 3/4

We have had an enjoyable month since coming back from the Easter holidays. We have had many hands-on practical lessons, which have given us a great start to our new topics.

We began our Stone Age topic, looking at some artefacts from Hertford Museum. We got to explore some replicas of Stone Age and Bronze Age tools and thought about how they could have been used for survival. We then explored images and videos of Skara Brae. This has linked to our art topic of Stone Age cave paintings. We have explored different sketching pencils to make a sketch of a Stone Age scene. Next month, we are going to find natural resources to paint our piece.

In English, we have also begun to look at The Finger Eater by Dick King-Smith. We love the character of Ulf and his sneaky tactics to eat children’s fingers! We thought about how we would cope without our index finger, and did surprisingly well in adapting how we use our hands.