April 2022 in Year 6

Although we have not been back for long, April has still been a very busy month. Last term ended with the finale to our ‘Mini Police’ project; we enjoyed our sharing assembly and ‘graduating’. A particular highlight was how PCSOs Abbie and Jo asked their colleagues to bring a patrol car to the playground – it was very loud!
In English, our first topic has been the clip ‘The Piano’. We have thought carefully about how to create mood in our writing and have produced some lovely work using specific vocabulary to create an effect. We enjoyed staining paper to write letters from the main character to his sweetheart back when he was called to fight in the First World War.
We have also begun our History topic: The Digital age, where we trace how technology has impacted our lives since 1948. We began by considering key dates in this period and producing a class timeline which we are proud of.
Now we are looking forward to getting ready for our assessments in May and of course – breakfast!