April 2023 in Year 1/2

In Maths we have been doing geometry.  We have used what we know about 2D shapes properties to solve this shape puzzle, finding how many sides they have vertices and where there is a right angle.  We have been investigating 3D shapes too, finding out how many faces, edges and vertices they have and even building different towers with them!

In English we have been reading poetry and learning actions to recite them as a class.  We have tried to write our own poems in the style of the poet and reading them aloud to the class. Our next poem will be about a squirrel.

In D&T we have been finishing our vehicles and are ready to put the ‘body’ on the top.  We were pleased to get the bottom chassis straight using the triangles to make the corners straight and strong.  It was fun using the saw to cut the wood before joining the pieces, then putting the wheels on the axles. We were pleased that out vehicles moved!

We have been working with Mr Rock in PE and focusing on the theme ‘locomotion’.  We have been concentrating on how to move around cones, dodge the defenders and move into spaces.  During the lesson we all gained a special bib to wear, to acknowledge our hard work in developing our skills.