December 2020 in Year 1/2

One day, we came to school in our pyjamas (yes really!) and raised lots of money from donations, for charity. In the playground, we liked to image we were super athletes running, skipping and even superheroes on rescue missions.

On Decoration’s day, we really enjoyed creating different pieces of artwork and decorations.  Our favourites were making a snowman card and a reindeer card, with our own brown handprint for antlers, and carefully painting the face.  For decorations, we made baubles and snowflakes for our tree using ribbons, felt pens and some glitter for a little sparkle.  Our decorated paper chains grew longer and longer!  Some children described many positive things about the day including: ‘ I felt powerful and was proud of my finished work and making it gorgeous’ and ‘It made me feel inspired to create my own pictures’.

We have been enthusiastically practising songs with action and dances for our COVIC Christmas play. As we are unable to perform this altogether like we have in previous years, the staff decided to record our class bubbles singing the songs and dances.  Then all of the different recordings will be edited together so we can all be seen together.  Here’s to the wonders of technology and our talented staff, creating this for us to have on a DVD.

Year 1-2 would just like to wish you all a healthy and happy Christmas, with every good wish for 2021.