December 2020 in Year 3/4

This has been an exciting month in Year ¾. We have completed many different Christmas activities and have enjoyed working together as a class to complete these. The month started on a high with Decorations Day. We found the origami very difficult and in the end found it much easier to cut out the shapes and then fold them to make different decorations. A few can be seen below. We also enjoyed Christmas dinner day and reading The Snowman by Michael Morpurgo in Guided Reading.

In Maths, we have really liked exploring angles and lines. We explored different types of angles, acute, right angles and obtuse and learnt a little bit about how to measure them. We explored the different things we had on our tables to see what types of angles they were and used protractors online to measure a few angles.

In English, we have finished reading The King Who Banned the Dark and have written some excellent speeches. We really enjoyed pretending to be the dark and writing all about why it should not have been banned. We were really good at using persuasive language to get the people in the kingdom to go against the king and switch off the lights.

We look forward to coming back together in the New Year!