December 2020 in Year 5/6

We have been very busy this month coming to the end of all our topics and have also enjoyed being festive! We made Christmas decorations on our decorations day and displayed them on our 5/6 board. For Christingle we have been singing and playing instruments to our Christingle song.

For Design and Technology this term we have continued our space theme with making or own Mars Rovers. We evaluated other rovers, looked at the features we needed and then designed our own. We had lots of fun spending the day making our own rovers and testing them out.

In PE we have continued our topic of jumping and throwing. We worked on javelin and shot put in throwing and have mastered the standing long jump and triple jump. When we are not doing PE we have been working on improving our activity by trying to improve how far we can run – we all made an improvement!

In our other topics we have been wrapping up what we have been learning. We made our own multi-layered recording to go with a clip we watched as a class – bringing what we have learnt all term together. In Geography we worked in groups to conduct a case study on the 2011 tsunami in Japan and created our own books with information in.

It has been a busy month but we have had lots of fun as well as working hard. We are looking forward to the Christmas break and will be looking forward to all the new topics we will be learning in the next term.