December 2020 in Year 6

We have continued our work on light by using filters to prove how we see different colours- this was great fun! Following on from this, we experiments with different coloured light and worked out how to make shadows – this really fascinated us.

We have also had great fun in D&T by designing, making and evaluating our Mars rovers; some were more successful than others but everyone showed great perseverance in using the equipment safely and effectively.

In PSHE, we have celebrated differences. We discussed how we should treat everyone fairly and made anti-racism ribbons to pledge our commitment to equality for all; we have also completed our well-bee-ing bees to add to our ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ display – they turned out brilliantly!

We also had a great time on Decorations Day and delivering the school Christmas cards as well as preparing for our Christingle performance of ‘Hope of Heaven’ – thank you so much to Mrs Carter for helping us.

This has been a very busy term but we have achieved lots. Merry Christmas and all the best for 2021!