December 2021 in Reception 2

This month we have been busy practising our Christmas play. The children have worked so hard learning their lines and they’ve really enjoyed getting dressed in their costumes for our filming days. This year for our Christmas play, we learnt all our songs using Makaton. The children picked up the signs so quickly and they have really enjoyed communicating in this way. We have been really proud of the children and how much effort they have put in.

In Maths we have been thinking about giving directions and have been guiding each other around the classroom using language such as forward, backward, sideways, turn around. We have all focused on number formation this month, making sure our numerals are formed accurately.

We have been focusing on Phonics and handwriting, making sure letters are formed accurately and practising on whiteboards. We have been splitting words up into individual sounds and putting them back together again.

This month we have enjoyed the lead up to Christmas, enjoying some fantastic events such as Christmas dinner day and Decorations Day. The children are definitely ready for a well-deserved rest now, after such a fantastic first term in Reception. Well done everybody!