December 2021 in Year 1/2

On Decoration’s Day, we had so much fun doing lots of different Art and D&T activities.  We painted a background in blues and later drew on a winter tree with a graphite pencil. To finish, we painted on snow at the bottom and used a cotton wool bud to add snow to some of the tree branches and snow in the sky. The pictures look super for our snowy, winter tree display.

We painted a stripy or patterned background for a card to have a tree or bauble stencil over it.  We made a stand up star decoration using a wooden wheel, dowel, pipe cleaners, stickers and colours with glitter as a finishing touch. Making a Christmas tree with pipe cleaners and beads was fun and had a loop added to hang the decoration up.

In science, we finished our materials topic by being detectives in the school grounds, looking for natural and man-made things.  We collected leaves and twigs and brought them into class.  We used them, together with rolled paper, to create a nature art tree picture in our groups.

In computing we used a programme called ‘Branch’ on the I-pad to ask yes and no questions to sort four different people or animals.

We made Christmas tree hats to wear at our special Christmas lunch.  The food was delicious, especially the pudding.



We have been working hard practising the songs for our Prickly Hay Christmas play.

For D&T we designed and made a Christmas stocking by sewing around the edge, then sticking on cotton wool at the top and our initial in gems.  We also had a challenge to use two art straws and some masking take to make a creation.  Here we have some snow flakes and a bird.