December 2021 in Year 2

We have had a really enjoyable end to the autumn term this month. We began with Decorations Day and finished up with recording the Christmas play. It has been very busy, but a lot of fun.

During Decorations Day we made a variety of different decorations. We created glitter stockings, paper plate snowmen for our display and 3D Christmas trees. We will definitely know for next time that pom poms do not stick well to paper with PVA! Despite the day ending with pom poms all over the floor, we really enjoyed our day and making everything festive.

We continued the festive activities during our Design and Technology lessons. We first looked at a range of stockings and then designed our own. We sewed two pieces together to create the stocking and decorated it. Just in time for the winter break!

We finished the term by performing our Christmas nativity. Everyone learned their lines beautifully and should be really proud of themselves. We are really looking forward to sharing the final piece with you.