December 2021 in Year 3

This month in Year 3, we have been enjoying the festive spirit as Christmas approaches. We made some fantastic decorations on Decorations Day including wreaths, tree decorations, bunting and even Christmas cards for friends and family.

In Maths, we have been focussing on shape. The children especially enjoyed drawing and sorting regular and irregular polygons, as well as creating shapes with rubber bands on geo-boards! We also learned all about perimeter and how to calculate it. We then put this knowledge to the test and was able to calculate the perimeter of regular and irregular polygons.

In English, the class planned and wrote their own persuasive leaflet for a venue of their choosing. They enjoyed these sessions because they involved lots of self and peer feedback with plenty of opportunities to share, edit and improve their writing. This resulted in some brilliant pieces of writing that are on display in the classroom!

The children thoroughly enjoyed learning to play a range of Christmas songs on the glockenspiel. We even performed a song to the Year 3/4 class next door which was very lovely for all involved.