December 2022 in Year 1/2

In English, we have been writing instructions using sentence starters for sequencing them in the correct order and ‘bossy’ verbs.  It was fun writing our own recipe for a potion because we could put disgusting things into it!

In computing we used a 2paint programme to make a Christmas animation on a film reel.

In Maths, we have been practising to learn the time such as o’clock, quarter past and quarter to and half past.  Some of us even told the time to half past, in five minute intervals.

In Art, we made these lovely snowman Christmas cards from our hand print and then added the features.  We hope our family like them.

In D&T, we have been looking at how pictures move in books and investigated different flaps, sliders and levers.  We created a Christmas picture with moving parts.

During Decoration’s day, we created this ‘It’s cold outside’ display for the hall.  We mixed and painted different blues for the background sky, drew winter trees using graphite sticks and finished off the snowy scene by painting on snow and adding snow falling with a cotton wool bud.