December 2022 in Year 2

We have had a really enjoyable end to our half term in Year 2. We have brought together so many of our topics and really begun to dig into our learning. We brought an end to our Great Fire of London topic by writing a report on the events. We also wrote our own stories based on the story ‘Stanley’s Stick’ and creating our own journeys. In Maths, we have also begun to explore the value of different coins and adding these up to different amounts.

We began the month with Decorations Day! This was our first experience of this and we really enjoyed working with different teachers and children across the school. We created lots of decorations and displays to make the school feel festive.

We finished the month by performing our nativity. We spent a lot of time learning our lines and honing our acting skills. It was so lovely coming together as a phase and putting on our first ever performance to our parents. We really hope you loved it and are really proud of our performance!