December 2022 in Year 5

In year 5 it has been a busy but fun run up to Christmas. As always, decorations day was a highlight and the children enjoyed working with friends from all year groups. Much merriment and mess was made creating footprint snowmen and snowwomen. As our space module in Science came to an end, our DT work revolved around creating a Mars rover. The children designed their Rover and used sawing and connecting skills to make it. In English we used the book Clockwork as our theme to produce some amazing suspense writing. Fractions were the focus in maths and much progress has been made. In fact, three quarters of the two sevenths of the children that were finding things tricky has now reduced to only a difference of 13% of the three fifths that really found it easy. Next term, we hope to have at least five fourths of the children getting a score greater than four fifths in their tests. I really don’t know why they find it confusing.