December 2022 in Year 3

In maths this month, we have been learning how to calculate the perimeter of regular and irregular polygons. As well as this, we have been learning how to subtract using column subtraction. This often requires you to exchange, using your place value knowledge to support you.


In English this month, we have been reading Arthur and the Golden Rope. It is a story about a young adventurer named Arthur in the age of the Vikings. The story follows the bookish Arthur on a quest to defeat the mythical beast Fenrir. In year 3, we created adventure maps and then wrote stories about an adventure set in the places on our maps.


In Design and Technology, we have been learning to sew. We designed and created felt pockets, sewing the edges together, as well as sewing buttons to fasten. Once we had sewn the pockets, we enjoyed decorating them based on designs we had researched.


Outside of the classroom, we have been enjoying playing together and having lots of fun in the snow.