February 2022 in Reception 2

This month we have been learning about Traditional Tales. As part of our learning about the Elves and Shoemaker we thought about how we could design our own shoes. The children enjoyed drawing around their shoes as a template and then using different materials to make patterns for them. As part of our Little Red Riding Hood week, we focused on retelling the story in our own words. It was fantastic to hear the children using words from the story and putting on character voices. During our Gingerbread man week we conducted an experiment to see what would happen to a real gingerbread man in different liquids such as water, oil and milk. We found that in the oil they were OK but when put in the milk and water, the gingerbread disintegrated.

In Maths we have been focusing on addition by adding two parts together. We have been using tens frame to support our learning. For example, a group of 3 green counters and then a group of 4 blue counters. When put together on the tens frame children can easily see that this is 7.