February 2022 in Year 1/2


In Music, we have been playing some African drums. We learnt how to use the three sounds which are the bass, slap and tone, using different parts of the hand on different parts of the drum. We wrote a message as a sequence and took it in turns to play one back to our class. We have just started to learn how to play different notes on the ocarina.

During Science, we have been leaning more about plants and naming the different parts. Since we planted our beans, they have grown quite tall already, with a strong stem holding the leaves to catch the sunlight.

We visited some local allotments to see how vegetables and other plants are grown. We even saw chickens and bee hives there. In D&T for our food tech, we have been using different vegetables to make mini quiches and really enjoyed adding the egg and cheese before we cooked them. They looked and tasted delicious.

For feel good week, we have talked about how we have grown and will change in the years ahead, drawing pictures to show this. In a support bubble, we have written names of people who are there for us to look after us and make sure we are safe, healthy and happy.

During RE, we have been finding out about the story of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt away from the Egyptian pharaoh who treated them badly. This led us to learn about the special Seder meal which Jewish people have to celebrate the Passover. We created our own special meal for ourselves, family and friends and why each food or drink is important.