February 2022 in Year 1

This month we got the chance to go out on our first trip. We went to visit the allotments and it was great fun to see the different ways that people use them. We tried to identify the different vegetables that might be growing and we also spotted some fun scarecrows.

In Maths we have been working on taking away and counting backwards. We have learnt lots of different ways to help us with our counting and also started to confidently use number lines to support our thinking. We have also started to learn how to use a blank number line. As well as this we have been exploring the place value of a number. Now that we are working with larger numbers we need to understand the value of the number and how many tens and ones are in a number.

We have started our Geography unit this half term and begun to look at compass points. First we have to learn how to read a map and a key. We played a fun game created funny faces while helping us practise these skills as well as work together as a team.

We have had great fun learning about the life of Beatrix Potter and we have also learnt about the lives of other influential women. It was interesting to find out about their different causes.
In English we have started to read stories set in the continent of Africa, we have had fun reading familiar stories such as ‘We are going on a Lion hunt’ and looked at the similarities and differences. We also explored alliteration and used this knowledge to help us describe some of the animals you might find on this continent.