February 2022 in Year 6

Wow – we cannot believe we are over halfway through the Spring term! A particular highlight this term has been the start of our work with the local PCSOs, Abi and Jo, as part of our mini police project. In session 1, we found out what their role involves and received our uniforms. We cannot wait to get started!

Back in the classroom, we have been working hard in Maths and our recent focus has been the calculation of percentages and algebra; we have used diagrams and bar models to support our understanding of the latter and are proud of our hard work.

In the afternoons, we have continued with our Science topic of electricity, making posters to warn people of its dangers and also have begun our final graffiti pieces in art. We have used craft knives to cut images out and then we will use different stencil and printing techniques to turn these into our final pieces.

We also had Feeling Good Week and we thought about how we have grown emotionally and also how we will continue to. We enjoyed writing a letter to our younger selves, based on what we know now and also producing art on this theme; we made a great display in our classroom!

What a busy term!