February 2023 in Reception 2

This half term our topic is ‘People who help us’. We were lucky enough o have the Police come in to talk to us about their job and what they do day to day.

We also had the air ambulance come into school. They spoke to us about how the helicopter works and why only some people would need a air ambulance and other people regular ambulances.

This month in RE we’ve been learning about different celebrations. For two weeks we focused on the story of Chinese New year. We loved reading about the emperors race and who won it. We also explored how people celebrate Chinese New year. We made our own dragon and created a dragon dance, it was so much fun!

In maths we’ve had a focus on 2D shapes. We have been exploring the properties of 2D shapes and have been making shapes using a range of materials for example lollypop sticks and string.