February 2023 in year 1/2

In Wellbeing week we looked at ‘Let’s connect’ and we did work about our friends, family and how we try to cope with our emotions.

For our online safety morning this half-term we discussed how to keep safe when going online and sorting what we should and should not share.

In Maths we looked at how to work out a part of a number and finding the wholes using addition and subtraction, checking our answers using the inverse.

We have been adding numbers which are equal using counters to help us and using addition and a final subtraction to get to the target number 10.

In Science we used Venn diagram to sort whether animals are omnivores, carnivores or herbivores.  We also researched different polar, tropical, desert and ocean habitats, drawing them with the creatures which live there and finding information out about one of them.