February 2023 in Year 6

This month in Year 6, the days are getting brighter and it’s starting to feel like Spring has finally Sprung! We have had a busy month as always!

To finish our work on keeping healthy and the heart, Mr Burt came to visit us; he spoke about how the heart works, how medics monitor it and also showed us a blood pressure machine. Thank you, Mr Burt! We also produced some lovely posters to encourage people to either not take up, or give up smoking and warn them of the dangers that this poses.

To keep our focus on reading for pleasure, Mrs McLeod set us a challenge of brightening up the reading board. We needed to choose an author who we really enjoyed and explain why someone else should read their work; we think we were really persuasive!

Finally, we have continued our work on Hinduism. We have considered how Hindus would view the world with and without Brahman and how this may look; we have also designed our own Hindu god/ess and what they would stand for.