Harvest Celebrations 2020

On 19th October, Mrs Miller, Mrs Standen and a group of Y6 pupils attended the local food bank to present them with food Wheatcroft had collected in lieu of our normal Harvest celebration. The food bank volunteers were presented with lots of bags and also autumn-themed artwork which the whole school contributed. Well done everyone!

Christine Smith, a representative from the Hertford Foodbank said, “ It was a pleasure to give the pupils a tour of the foodbank. They had some very searching questions and hopefully we answered them all. Thank you once again for the fantastic amount of food donations!”

Here are some comments from the children:

Sophie: When I went to the food bank I enjoyed learning about how they help the community and how the food bank works.

Stirling: I feel proud of myself and everyone else; this was a very joyful experience because I learnt a lot how the food bank works. I also learnt that they don’t just work by themselves but they work with other food banks as a team. I enjoyed carrying the food because I knew that this was going to help some people.

Evie Rose: I enjoyed carrying the food because I knew that by taking it there, we were helping people who don’t have the money to buy food. I also enjoyed the people there answering our questions; it was very interesting and they had an answer for every question we asked.

Ben: It was really fun and I didn’t realise how many food people donated.

Also I didn’t think that they would feed so many people and have so much food; they were very organised!