January 2022 in Reception 2

Another busy month in Reception. We started our Traditional tales topic with the Gingerbread Man. We investigated what liquid would be safe for the GB man to swim across – we discovered that gingerbread doesn’t disintegrate in oil! We also enjoyed decorating gingerbread biscuits – Yum!

In Forest School, we went on an adventure in the upper forest school and found the hugging tree and gathering circle. We also made ice mobiles and enjoyed watching the water melt in the sun.


As part of our work on Jack and the Beanstalk, we planted beans and talked about what seeds need to grow. Look out for them on our windows as they sprout roots and shoots.

We have also been working on our letter and number formation. We feel very proud when we see how much they have improved.

As well as all our work on number this month, we have been investigating 2D shapes. We have made pictures, used them to count and make patterns. Ask us to name them for you – we know a lot of shape names!