January 2022 in Year 2

It has been a lovely start to the Spring Term in Year 2. Despite the cold weather, we have been able to enjoy spending lots of time outside, seeing all of our friends on the playground. We have also really enjoyed getting to see some of the children in Reception and Lower Key Stage 2.

In English, we have explored stories from other cultures, specifically Africa. We thought about how their lives are similar and different to ours and wrote a story from the perspective of a child in the Masai tribe. This links in well to our music topic where we have been exploring African drumming and the Djembe drum.

In Maths, we have begun to explore written methods for addition and subtraction. We have been using base-10 to show regrouping and exchanging and are becoming more confident with our introduction to column methods.

We have also really enjoyed our new topic this term, Beatrix Potter. We have spent a lot of time exploring her life and books. Our focus has shifted on to what life was like for her, compared to ourselves. We loved seeing the video of the Zoetrope and the interesting ways they entertained themselves.