January 2023 in Year 2

We have enjoyed starting the new year in year 2 and have created our own class calendar, making sure to add on everyone’s birthdays. We thought about different events each month to help us choose the pictures.

In Maths, we have looked at data and statistics. We created our own bar graphs based on the favourite colours in our class. We first had to vote for our chosen colour and then create a tally chart. Finally we used iPads to create a digital bar graph.

In English, we looked at stories with familiar settings. We read ‘Dogger’ and ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ to help us do this. We thought about who we would invite to tea and wrote them an invite telling them all about the tasty treats we had on offer. We then recreate the story through drama and wrote our own versions.

One of our favourite lessons this month has been PE. In outdoor PE we have been learning about ball skills using our feet. We have learnt how to dribble the ball and stop it successfully with our feet. In indoor PE we have focused on dance, creating our own sequences for an explorer’s journey, focusing on how to show this through actions. Some of us also got to go to Wodson Park to learn new skills. We really liked the throwing activities!