July 2022 in Year 1/2

Year 2 visited Sele Seconday school for a brilliant sport’s afternoon in which everyone really enjoyed learning and practising new skills.

During the KS1 sport’s day, we did a rotation of different activities such as tennis ‘uppies’, trim trail, speed bounce, javelin, long distance running and obstacle relay.  Year 6 were so helpful because they organised us well and took down all of scores with great counting.  Then we ran our races which included egg and spoon and sack racing.

Our day trips to Southend were amazing.  We travelled on our school mini buses and on arrival, walked to the pier to get the train to the end and back, over a mile long.  Then we came back to the beach for lunch and an ice cream, before visiting the Sealife Centre. The weather was just right and we had a lovely time on the beach finding shells, interesting pebbles and even some crabs!

In English we all wrote a recount of our fantastic day and with lots of detail about all of the different things we did during our trip.

In D&T we researched different types of puppets, then designed and made a hand puppet using our sewing skills. We made different animals which was fun and they came out well.

When meeting our new teachers on transition day we did interesting activities and during the open afternoon, we showed our parents our work and books from the whole year including our Records of Achievement.

During the Chauncey Secondary School community day, KS1 had teachers who came to Wheatcroft to do some music. We were learning to play the chime bars and ukuleles, finishing with a performance.  We also created animals to go on a background.