March 2021 in Year 1/2

For science week we made a bug, just using paper, folding and cutting it, without any sticking.

We also investigated animal habitats and created a multi-media piece of art work to show where chimpanzees live.  We learnt how to draw a chimpanzee, step by step, cut it out and stuck it on our picture.  We researched about how Jane Goodall studied chimpanzees, how they live and behave.

For our well-being and thinking about our dreams, we made dreamcatchers and added beads and feathers. We think they look wonderful hanging up by the windows.

We have been using a variety of strategies in our maths to add and subtract.  Here we are using tens and ones frames and beginning to use them to calculate addition in columns.

In D&T we investigated how vehicles move, made a chassis to hold the axles and wheels and finally added our body design to them.  We enjoyed using the saws and bench hooks to cut the pieces of wood for the chassis frame.  Then we tested how they move.