March 2021 in Year 2

In March Year 2 got the opportunity to practise their woodwork skills in our Design and Technology unit. They learnt about the different parts of a car and then created their own design. They cut their own axels and chassis to create the frame and then added their design. They worked very hard and created some interesting cars.

During Science Week we learnt about the life of Jane Goodall, a scientist who had dedicated her life to studied the behaviours of chimpanzee. We created our own report out her. We were also set a challenge of creating our own bug using only 4 pieces paper, the challenge was that we were not allowed to use glue or scissors.

In English we have been reading the story ‘Here Comes Mr Postmouse’, we looked at the different house Mr Postmouse delivers to and identified different things we liked in each of the house.

In Geography we learnt about the 7 continents and then used at atlas to help us locate different countries around the world.