March 2021 in Year 3/4

It has been so lovely seeing all of the children back in class, and the noise level has certainly proved everyone is back and ready to see each other. We have really been working on our wellbeing these past few weeks, learning, and playing collaboratively. In PE, we have focussed on orienteering skills and working together to solve problems. In PSHE, we have also worked in groups to think about how to keep ourselves safe and healthy. Our twice-weekly check-ins have also given us time to think about how we are feeling.

In English, we have enjoyed learning about a story from another culture, focussing on The Firework Maker’s Daughter. We have also done well with our written addition and subtraction. We have begun to look at the vocabulary of word problems and working out how to solve them.

We have also enjoyed finishing off our Ancient China topic. We have made a paper dragon to celebrate the Chinese New Year. We also took inspiration from the Terracotta Army and made our own sculptures in D&T.