March 2021 in Year 5/6

We have been very busy this month in 5/6, we started the month working hard at home and have continued to work hard in school.

In English we have been practising our journalism skills and writing a newspaper report on Spiderman. We looked at the features of a newspaper report and applied this to a clip of Spiderman saving innocent bystanders from an out of control train!  We have also been writing our own essays on ‘The best day of my life’ and ‘What I want to be when I leave school, and why’.

In Maths we have been investigating angles. We have been naming, measuring and drawing them. In one lesson we practised our skills by measuring angles on the table. We extended our knowledge by finding the measurements of missing angles on a line, round a point and in a shape.

For Art we have been creating our own ‘Batik’ artwork based on Kensuke’s Kingdom. We chose designs that were simple and effective. In our topic lessons we have celebrated Science week with a challenge from STEM to create our own insect from paper.

We have also be focusing on our wellbeing and on return to school played ‘human bingo’ to reconnect with our friends and peers. We have also been looking at positive affirmations and choosing some that relate to us.