March 2021 in Year 5

It has been absolutely fantastic to have everybody back in school. I missed you all so much.

In English, we have been writing a Newspaper report about Spiderman. The children have impressed me with their journalistic skills. We have also learnt how to write an essay. We focused on our ‘Best Day Ever.’ We were allowed to write 300 words, but because we enjoyed that day so much most of us have written over 500 words. It has been an absolute delight reading about them all.

In maths, we have been growing in confidence on working independently. We are more confident with fractions and are able to convert them into percentages as well as decimals.

In RE, we have been learning about the Easter Journey. We were extremely lucky to have virtual lessons from St Paul’s Church in Stevenage that came with some beautiful resources to support our learning.

We thoroughly enjoyed Science week. We discussed stereotypes and when we think of a scientist, we tend to think of a man, with crazy hair and glasses. We learnt about Maggie Pocock and what she has done in the world of science. We also completed a STEM task of creating an insect from just 4 pieces of scrap paper. No glue or tape allowed. It really made us think about its’ structure and how to join the pieces together.

In Art/DT, we have been learning how to sow, as well as batik. We have really enjoyed using different techniques to make a pattern on fabric.

I hope you all have a lovely Spring break, you totally deserve it. And I look forward to seeing you in the Summer term.