March 2022 in Reception 2

This month has been an extremely busy month for Reception with many fun events such as World Book Day and Science Week.

As part of our annual World Book Day celebrations, children enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book characters and making a story jar. In the morning children met up with the buddies to enjoy sharing stories with the Year 4s choosing a book to read to their partner. It was fantastic to see them all so engaged and enthusiastic about the stories. In the afternoon the children attended the book fair to choose some books to buy. We also made our own bookmarks.

During Science week we enjoyed conducted experiments each day such as carnations in coloured water, the skittle experiment and seeing what happens to fruit if it is cut open and left out in the air for a few days. The children were really engaged in the activities and were able to make predictions about what might happen during each one. It was lovely to see the awe in their faces and having conversations with each other about what they had seen.

This month we have been thinking about “People Who Help Us”. The children particularly enjoyed our “vets” topic, writing about their pets and talking about what an animal needs to stay healthy. The children produced some fantastic painting of animals and had fun acting out different scenarios in the role play area.