March 2022 in Year 1/2

In art, we have been looking at nature and making observational drawings of leaves, acorns, pine cones, trees and flowers.  We collected different things like this to make a land art sculpture in the playground, inspired by what the artist Andy Goldsworthy has created. We planned our own nature sculpture and made it using clay and a range of tools to make the shapes and textures on our finished art work.

For World Book Day, we did so many super activities.  These included coming in dressed up as one of our favourite characters and creating a book in a jar such as ‘The very Hungry caterpillar’, ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’ and ‘Harry Potter’,  to name a few.  We illustrated our own class story, in the style of Beatrix Potter, and this was called ‘The tale of Daisy dog’.  Then we acted each page out and recorded the story for other classes to see.

During science week, we carried out many different investigations to do with growth.  We planted cress to watch how it grows over two to three weeks, observed what happened to celery when in coloured water and created a flower with only using one piece of paper, scissors and glue.  We even researched facts about Mars, the red planet, to find out whether it would be possible for humans to live there and grow plants. We designed a special ‘green’ house, thinking about what the plants would need to grow there and how to find these.

In RE we have been reading the Easter story and finding out about Easter symbols, using them in designs for Easter eggs.