March 2022 in Year 6

What another busy month in Year 6. This month has seen British Science Week; we began this on 11th March with a talk from Dr Dana MacGregor, a scientist who talked to us about how plants equal food. She started off reminding us what plants need to grow and talked about her work as a scientist specialising in plants. She also took our questions and we found out a lot.
We also competed in the Stempoint ‘Create a Plant’ competition; well done to our class winners of Safia and Ava-Rose.
We have also been continuing with our science topic of electricity. We found out about the symbols used in circuits and constructed our own.
Finally, we are really proud of our screen printing; cutting out the complex shapes took a lot of care with the craft knife but it was great to see the effects we could create with acrylic paint when we printed through. We wish you all a happy Easter and a lovely break.