March 2023 in Year 6

What another busy month in Year 6! We have been busy with our textiles work and have practised batik and different sewing techniques to prepare for our mixed piece based on Kensuke’s Kingdom.

In Maths, we have been looking at different sort of transformations and have explored reflecting and translating different shapes and patterns as well as looking at angles within different shapes; we completed an investigation

World Book Day was a particular highlight and we enjoyed sharing our books in boxes – well done to our class winner of Ethan – as well as visiting Year 2 to read with them and enjoying the book sale. To support our Computing work, we completed some data handling about which words appeared most frequently in a page of a book we are reading or had purchased and made pie charts to represent this.

A final highlight was ‘Green Week’; Mrs McLeod gave us the challenge of producing a piece of work based on recycled plastic. We are very proud of our achievements!