May 2021 in Year 1/2

We used our maths during a science lesson to measure how tall each of us are.  We made predictions to see if the oldest children would be the tallest and discussed how to make measuring a fair test.

In geography, we have been researching the rainforest, the different layers, the animals which live in each layer and how, unfortunately learning that so much of the rainforest is being chopped down.  We designed and drew posters to get the message of how dangerous this is for the animals and the environment.  We had a ‘rainforest day’ where we created the different layers of the rainforest in boxes and assembled together.

During music, we learnt about the African Hatsiatsia rhythms and made up our own three part composition using shakers and claves to beat them out.

In PE, we have continued to practise our athletic skills and enjoyed learning how to throw the javelin successfully.

During computing, we enjoyed being in the ICT suite again and spent time practising our skills in logging on/off and using the mouse for accuracy and creatively in a paint programme.  We also learnt about algorithms, giving a clear and specific set of instructions for our partner to follow to draw a character.

We spent time being creative designing a stamp about one of our heroes from the pandemic for a Royal mail stamp design competition.  It need to be clear and colourful, so when reduced in size, it would have enough detail.

During Balance ability, some year ones practised their cycling skills safely in the playground, which was great to do as, during lockdown, we missed our sessions last year.