May 2021 in Year 1

In May in Year 1 we have been continuing our topic of the Rainforest, we had Rainforest day where we worked in groups to make a different layer of the rainforest. We thought about the different plants and animals we might find in each layer. We are very proud of how they looked when we put them together.

In Science we have been continuing to learn about human growth and we learnt about the life cycle of humans. We really enjoyed looking at photos of each other as babies to see how we had changed as we got older.

In Maths we continued to work on measure including measuring liquids and using rulers to measure different lengths of ribbons. We also continued to work on division and started to work on multiplication too by grouping.

In English we started a new book “Monsters: An Owner’s Guide” by Jonathan Emmett and Mark Oliver. We enjoyed learning about how to take care of a monster and we described the monsters using adjectives. We also wrote our own explanation of how to take care of a monster.

In PSHE we learnt about compliments and how they make us feel. Then we thought of some that we would like to receive and made bunting to put up in our classroom.

We have also been enjoying taking part in Balanceability over the past few weeks.