May 2022 in Year 1/2

In maths, we have been finding out the value of money and using different coins to make different amounts.  We did this by playing money bingo using these purses.

In RE, we have been learning about the Jewish religion and the Ten Commandments.  We also found out that Jewish people have a Mezuzah case, with a Shema scroll inside, fixed to the right hand side of their front door frame, to remind them of God’s presence.

We had a special assembly to celebrate our Champions in society.  Mrs Richards came in to tell us about what she has done as a nurse for over thirty years and she used our school skeleton, Mr Bones, to describe some of the main bones in our body and why we have them.

During our ‘walking to school week’, all of the classes in whole school went outside at different times to run the Daily Mile.  We ran around and collected a cube for every lap we did in the time given and tried to better our amount each day.  It was tiring but fun to feel fitter.

During an Award’s Assembly, many of us received a certificate for getting halfway to our Bronze Award.  One of us even shared a special letter with the school which we received from the Queen, written by one of her ladies in waiting, to say thank you for sending the Queen a special song and dance.

In Art, we have been looking at patterns on animal, plants, shells and more, to choose our favourite ones to draw in boxes to create our own designs.  We used colour or black and white.  Then they were copied four times and stuck together to show these really effective repeat patterns.

Also in Art, we have enjoyed learning how to make so many different shades of colours by adding small amounts to white to make lighter tints and small amounts of black to make darker tones.  Then we used them to paint different yellows, blues and greens in a seaside art picture, finishing it off with a collage lighthouse, boats and other human and physical features of the coastline such as a headland, arch and stack, even in a 3D model.

We were lucky to have a visiting Magic Show and it was really good fun and we laughed so much.  One of us even had a chance to be the magician’s assistant for a trick.

For our final day before half-term, we all dressed up in red, white and blue to have a special Jubilee Day to celebrate the Queen’s seventy year’s reign.  In the morning we made special hats to wear, decorated plant pots and did other activities like making bunting.  In the afternoon, the whole school had a picnic on the field and each class sang a classic British song to everyone.  We sang Cliff Richard’s Congratulations as it’s a great song with words like celebrations and jubilations, fit for the Queen.