May 2022 in Year 1

This month we have been busy exploring our surroundings as well as being crafty. We have spent some time in forest school looking at the different birds you might find as well as becoming lead detectives. We also explored the different natural textures you can find and went on a scavenger hunt to find something bumpy, smooth and rough.

In RE we have been learning about the Jewish faith and created our own Mezuzah.  Jewish people hang these by their front door and it reminds them each day of the promise they made to God. We made a promise to ourselves and put it inside our decorated mezuzahs.

In Geography we have been learning about the physical features you find at the coast. We learnt about the process of erosion and how it is used to create stacks and stumps. We created our own models to show the different stages of erosion.

In Art we have been learning about shades of colour. We used black and white paint to help us create different shades and then used this knowledge to help us create a seaside picture.

In Maths we have fun exploring capacity and finding out whether different containers could hold the same amount of water as well as looking the vocabulary of empty, full, half full or half empty. We have also started to explore the idea of division and sharing. We explored different ways to share a number between two people and realised you cannot share an odd number equally between two people, you will always have one left over.