May 2023 in Year 1-2

In Maths, we have been practising adding two lots of two digit numbers together. First, we chose our two digit numbers and made them using dienes. This helped us to understand how many tens and ones were in the number. Then, we used this on a grid to add all of the ones and tens together. We found it easier to see the numbers and move them together to find the total.

Our English lessons have been inspired by ‘How to catch a star’ by Oliver Jeffers. We have started to think about what we would do if we caught our own star. Our next activity will be writing our own diary entry using conjunctions and noun phrases to add detail.

In Science, we have been looking at how humans change over time and comparing the life cycles of animals. We enjoyed investigating the questions ‘Does the youngest person in the class always have the smallest foot?’ ‘Is the oldest person always the tallest?’ and used our knowledge from the previous lessons to help us predict the outcome.

This half term, we have explored relationships in our Jigsaw lessons and thought about what a good friendship looks like and how we can solve problems between friends. In RE, we have looked at Shabbat and why this is important to Jewish children, as well as how Shabbat is celebrated each week in Jewish families.

One of our favourite topics has been learning about the rainforest. We loved taking part in Rainforest Day and created our own layers of the rainforest using different materials. During our Geography lessons, we have been thinking about the types of animals that live in the rainforest and which part of the layers different animals live in.

In Computing, we have been exploring how messages have developed over time and how messages are sent using algorithms. One of our favourite lessons was using the bee bots to follow algorithms and practise creating our own instructions. After half term, we will focus on debugging an algorithm which means trying to fix a set of instructions so they make sense.