November 2020 in Year 1/2

In PE we have been practising our skills, controlling a large ball.  So far we have been rolling, bouncing and passing to a partner.

In Science, we designed an umbrella and aimed to make the paper waterproof.  We coloured our bright designs using oil pastels and then tested it by dropping drops of water onto it using a pipette. Also in science, we investigated how certain materials can be changed so we tried to stretch, twist, squash and bend each one.  We discovered that blue tack did all four but a piece of wood did none of them.

Our Geography topic this half term is weather so we have made a record of the weather over a week and recorded in a chart.  We found out about what each weather symbol means.

In guided reading we enjoy the time reading with our teacher and to discuss what has happened in the book and why we think it has.  In phonics, we have been practising words with digraphs such as  ‘ou’, joining these letters and writing sentences.

In Maths, we have been using our clock faces to do analogue time and have been securing our understanding of times with o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.

Although it is only November, we have enjoyed practising the songs for our Christmas play which will be recorded in groups separately and mixed together in a recording for our ‘COVID KS1 production’.