November 2020 in Year 1

In November in Year 1 we have been very busy rehearsing for our Christmas play, we hope you enjoy it!

In English we started a new story – Mr Big. We thought about how Mr. Big and the animals felt throughout the story, used connectives like ‘and’ to join sentences and wrote a letter as Mr. Big to tell the story. Then we started Farmer Duck and we looked at verbs and went on a noun hunt.

In Maths we finished working on subtraction using beads and number lines, we also started working on greater and lesser than.

In Geography we have been learning all about weather, we recorded the weather for the week and made up our own symbols. We learnt about the different countries that make up the United Kingdom and how the weather can be different in each one.

In PSHE we have been finding out about what makes us different and how to make friends.

In Science we have been investigating materials, we designed our own umbrellas using oil pastels to make the paper waterproof and then tested them out. We also experimented to find out if we could change the shape of different objects and put our results into a table.