November 2020 in Year 2

In English we have been reading the story ‘Augustus and his Smile’ by Catherine Rayner, we thought about different ways to describe a tiger and started to use expanded noun phrases. We then wrote our own stories about a tiger who went on a journey or had lost something.

In Science we have been learning all about materials, we found from our investigation that plastic was the best material to make an umbrella out of because it was light, waterproof and flexible. We designed our own umbrella and made a model of it.

In Maths we have been exploring numbers and comparing them using the following symbols, >, < and =. We then looked at how we could do this with number sentences, we explored balancing numbers sentences as well as looking at number sentences which are greater than and less than a number.

Our Geography topic this half term is all about the weather, we learnt about the different symbols to represent the different types of weather and tracked the weather for a week. We also started to think about how the weather affects us and the things we do. We thought about the different clothes we wear in different seasons as well as the different activities we do.