November 2020 in Year 5/6

This month in 5/6 we have been continuing to learn lots of new things and have fun at the same time.

In Maths we have been tackling fractions, looking at equivalence, mixed numbers, improper fractions and comparing them. In English we have been looking at the text ‘Night of the Gargoyles’ and looking how the author created suspense. We then got in to character to think about how we portray the characters through dialogue. After looking at all of the different techniques we wrote our own suspense filled chapter of the book.

In Science we have been investigating light and have had lots of fun making colour wheels and periscopes. We found that if the colour wheel’s spun really quickly the rainbow would disappear and it would be white. To investigate reflection we made and used our own periscopes to see how light reflects off of surfaces.

In topic we have been investigating the earth, its layers and natural disasters. We took our learning outside and recreated the layers of the earth with leaves and sticks. We have combined our Geography with English and have written a discussion text as to the advantages and disadvantages of living near to a volcano.

Finally, we have been able to start thinking a little bit about Christmas as we have started to rehearse for Christingle. Some children have been singing, whilst the others have been accompanying them on instruments.

We are looking forward to December where we can get even more festive!