November 2020 in Year 6

This week, we started off the term with Parliament Week. We have found out about what Parliament does and written letters to our local MP, Julie Marson, about issues which concern us in the local area. Additionally, we held an election using the 2019 manifestos in child-speak from the main parties; we elected the Conservative party but with different figures than the real election.

We then formed our own parties, wrote manifestos and held our own General Election. Congratulations to the Animalis party who won!

We have also enjoyed taking part in the national TTRS competition – sadly we didn’t win but well done to Josh for coming in the top three of the school!

Some of us enjoyed working with Mrs Waller in Forest School to show off our knowledge of layers of the Earth – can you spot the mantle, crust and core in our natural representation?

We have also had fun designing Christmas card entries for Julie’s official MP’s Christmas Cards and also designed artwork for the Hertfordshire Armed Forces competition; we look forward to seeing them up soon.

In Science, we have enjoyed finding out about light and have conducted some effective experiments with mirrors and prisms. This led to us making periscopes and proving that light travels in straight lines – illuminating!

In English, we have used ‘Night of the Gargoyles’ as a stimulus to create work which shows tension and suspense; we thought carefully about our word choice and pace to write a tense walking scene through a dark night whilst our character was stalked…

What a busy term!