November 2021 in Year 1/2

In Art, we looked at Van Gogh’s starry night painting and Monet’s bridge over the waterlilies in his garden.  We learnt how to mix up many different greens and blues using primary colours and added white to make lighter tint colours and a tiny dot of black for the darker tones. We mixed some lovely pinks, reds and purples for the water lilies and made our painting in the style of Monet. For the Starry night, we use oil pastels on black paper, and used a variety of marks, in different direction, like Van Gogh.

During Castle Day, we had fun designing out own shields, choosing particular images which meant different things to represent us.  We designed and made bunting, joining it together and hanging it around the room to celebrate the day and learnt a Tudor dance.  In the afternoon we worked with a partner to make our 3D castles models.

In Geography, we have been recognising places in Hertford and finding out about places not in Hertford, like those in London and around the world such as Sydney opera House and the Statue of Liberty in New York.   We have been remembering to use capital letters for the names.

For one of our home-works, we designed and made models using recycled materials so we enjoyed being very creative with how we could use them.  We made all kinds of things such as a clock, a dinosaur, a shaker, a rocket, a football pitch and many more creations.

In English, we have been researching information books and finding out how they are set out with a contents page at the beginning, a title and sub headings, with photographs and labelled diagrams to state a few.  Later we are going to write our own leaflet about Hertford, setting out like an information text.

During Science, we looked at a variety of different materials to decide whether they were natural or manmade and sorted them into groups.  Some started as natural and were shaped, stitched or moulded to form an object.

To raise funds for charity, we had a crazy hair day, so we all looked a bit different, and all for a good cause. Here we are with our fabulous hair and groovy looks.