November 2022 in Reception 2

We have had lots of fun in November in Reception!  We have been loving our topic of ‘Day and Night’, in particular learning about space! We read the story ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy and have retold the story with our own rocket made from a box, teddies, an owl, picnic food and a blanket.

We had the wonderful opportunity to visit a ‘Planetarium’ set up in the hall by the Bayfordbury Observatory. It was a large black dome and we all sat inside and saw real images of the sun, moon and stars. It was very dark in the dome and at times it actually felt like we were looking out of a real space ship and moving around exploring space. It was amazing!

We are loving playing in our Reception role play space ship, our space small world, painting a silver moon, cutting and sticking rockets with 2D shapes, learning new facts about space from the non fiction books and much more!

In our weekly forest school sessions we have noticed that there are even more red, orange, yellow and brown leaves covering our forest floor. One of our creative activities in the forest was to make a person with a leaf body. We carefully thought about what shaped leaf we wanted to choose for the body. There were so many different shapes, sizes and coloured leaves to choose from! We added the extra features with felt pens and chalk. At the end, we made an art gallery so that everyone could see our fantastic work.

One of our favourite adventures this month was when we had a Reception campfire at school. We came back to school when it was really dark and created a warm, glowing campfire in our forest. We loved the crackling sounds, the bright burning light and the wood burning smell. We toasted delicious marshmellows, made s’mores and drank a delicious hot chocolate.

In November, we also had a visit from the librarian from Hertford Library. He read stories to us and told us how we can join the library and borrow books. We are so fortunate to have such a great library so nearby.