January 2019 in Nursery

Forest school

In forest school this half term Nursery have been focusing on re-telling traditional tales. So far we’ve been exploring the stories Goldilocks and the 3 bears, the 3 little Pigs, and The 3 Billy goats Gruff. The children have enjoyed using masks and props to re-tell the stories in the forest and add their own funny twists!


In PE this half term we’ve been exploring yoga. Cosmic yoga gives children the opportunity to stay active and explore their favourite stories and films such as Moana or We’re going on a bear hunt. The children are now able to complete simple yoga poses such as a high lunge pose, happy baby pose and a downward dog. In the next few weeks in PE we’ll be looking at trickier positions and new breathing relaxation techniques.


In Literacy this half term Nursery have been focusing on the characters in a story. The children have been given opportunities to create masks of characters, use play dough to re-create them and also outfits to dress up as them! During keyworker time we’ve been encouraging the children to use new language to describe characters for example ‘The troll has big terrifying warts on his nose and big sharp teeth’.